Young Leaders Sample Story

Jan 21, 2022

How we started

In the middle of 2019, we started to roll the opportunities out across the UK, with our country and region coordinators recruiting for county coordinators and events happening all over. However, we continued to remain nameless as previously suggested names did not resonate with the steering group or the membership.

Back to the drawing board

We wanted a name that everyone could be excited about and proud of so put our thinking caps on and asked members aged 16 to 30 what they wanted from a name.

From what they said we learnt that our name needed to:

  • Not have girl or guiding in it twice
  • Be short
  • Differentiate the 18 to 30 community from a section, like the Brownies or Guides

We also learnt the characteristics that members wanted our name to be associated with. They wanted a name that created a sense of community and the great opportunities available to our members.

One warm Saturday in October 2019 a naming team gathered: one naming consultant, four local volunteers, two members of the national steering group, a few comms staff and some of our national volunteers.

Between them much tea was consumed, thesauruses consulted and sticky notes stuck.

Looking at all the research and the different requirements, the team came up with five names and four of those names made it through. They were:

  • Girlguiding Inspire
  • Girlguiding Futures
  • Girlguiding Leap
  • Girlguiding Connect